Whats happening?

(nothing much at the moment!)


As you can see the site has received a bit of a makeover. In the coming weeks, months or years, I will add some of the old tutorials etc. again. The current plan is for the following:

  • VB & ASP.net tutorials and code snippets
  • my blog
  • Mailing List and other software
  • Oracle & MSSQL tutorial notes and code snippets


The Grove Social Club

the grove raheny

The Grove Social Club was a famous alternative nightclub in Clontarf / Raheny that served thousands of teenagers on Dublin's Northside.

It was where many of Dublin's teenagers were able to listen to good music and meet other like minded souls. It was truly a great place.

Anyhow, there is a major movement of ex-grovers online at The Grove site, with everyone meeting up every few months at infamous The Grove Reunions. Not to be missed!

link: http://www.thegrovesocialclub.com